Watch “NESARA / GESARA – Open letter from Vigano (a must watch and share)” on YouTube

We are in the war of consciousness, powers are out there trying to influence were you place attention were you place alliance!. 6 deep breaths watch with open perspective

Watch “THE MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (M.A.G.A) DOCTRINE: The Ideas That Will Win The Future | Charlie Kirk” on YouTube

Clear your narrative be of preconceived ideas and Listen deeply! Like never before we have the ability to make American lives and the rest of the world for that matter much better!!

It’s time to put the evil puppet master’s that have been controlling the world to rest! TRUMP is a gateway to a new and progressive reality!

Watch “You Were Told That Life is a Behaviour Pattern | Gregg Braden” on YouTube

Our belief patterns are what is externally expressed through our health, relationships & wealth. If you could change your current results in any of these life buckets what would it be?

Science and faith married let’s make a new story that serves you for your best health, relationships and wealth creation! 2020 is a new decade with your new potential performance!!

Watch “NESARA – How Trump is already paying off our debt” on YouTube

Brilliant research based review of steps happening behind the scenes to help society finally escape the shackles of financial slavery we have all been in. A strategic move once attempted by the late great JFK that ended tragically is now being accomplished by Donald Trump as well as globally!

I consider myself a novice at best when it comes to the detailed nature of geopoliticals but we are all feeling the impacts of coronavirus tune into to this post for a better understanding of what this is all about. Explainations beyond the illusion pettled by mass media to control the public attention!

Watch “How to STOP Negative Thoughts & Win! | with Trevor Moawad” on YouTube

Brilliant podcast featuring #edmylett & #trevormoawad breaking down steps for measurable growth from any circumstances! If your struggling to improve on your health or relationships, wealth or even performance in general then tune into this video for a new perspective!!

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